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Sightseer Collection

Gear Hauling Refined

The Sightseer, as its name implies, is all about allowing the photographer to carry the essentials on the journey capturing sights. Keeping your camera in the game is the all important goal. Stashing your image creator in a back pack, where you have to remove the bag, then pull out the gear you need, then put the bag back on to even make a shot could mean you’ve just missed a sighting. This collections consists of 6 different bags/pouches and a cross body strap, all designed to work as a coherent system on the MoneyMaker or Sightseer Sling Strap.

Crafted out of Waxed Canvas, American Bison leather and lined in Aztec flannel fleece, HoldFast has just reinvented how to carry your gear. With your cameras at the ready, lenses and gear are within reach without ever removing the bag, all in a stylishly comfortable way. Not only that, it was designed around a format of expansion. Start light and streamlined with the Sightseer Lens Bag and then build as your gear requires via add on pockets and lens pouches (each sold separately) attached to the outer leather straps. The Lens Pouches come in different sizes to suit your carry needs and can be attached directly to the Sightseer Lens Bag OR worn on the MoneyMaker OR attached to any belt you own.

The Sightseer lens bag attaches to the MoneyMaker with the included sliders. Simply unbuckle the MoneyMaker, then slide on the included sliders with clip and then attach to the d rings on the bag. The Sightseer is worn low on the back within hands reach so you can access your gear while also using your cameras on the MoneyMaker like normal. It can also be used just like a normal shoulder bag with the included adjustable shoulder strap. The modular Sightseer line keeps your cameras out of the bag and at the ready with all your lenses within reach. However, with a backpack you have to remove the bag from your shoulders to access gear then put it back on before making an image. And with a Sling pack hanging on a single pressure point which is constantly moving about, you have to fight flaps to get to its contents. The game has been changed.

Get out and see the sights, get the story, keep moving.
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