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We all agree that talent is something inherent, something everyone is born with. There’s no pattern or price, it’s just given and we all have it. Now the challenge in life is really finding what this talent is and then developing it. No matter where you go in the world, throughout all of history, the people that positively standout are ones who discovered their talent and then shook earth developing it. The ones who quite literally shaped movements found what they where here to do. What does that tell you?

What I gather from that is talent, the inherent gifts we’ve all been given are the currency of humanity. The amount of money someone had really isn’t remembered outside of the context of talent. Actual currency gets us by day to day to an extent, however developed talent generates true wealth in the form of building movements. Success is measured by how many people we reach and bless, not the rotting paper that so many succumb to lusting after.

Leave your lasting mark on this earth and in our memories by discovering your talent. The money you earn will be squandered at some point, that is a guarantee. Yet your talent will transcend generations if you develop it. There is no excuse that can explain away why you haven’t found what you are. There is no impasse that can actually stop you from developing your gift. We all can find it and we all must find it.

The currency of humanity is the gift you’ve been given, find it and spend it on everyone you meet.D3x_04_2448-2

Where the deer roam. Shot with the Nikon D3x / 70-200 2.8

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