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Do not worry about tomorrow for today has its own battles. Do not dwell on the losses of wars past for many more still need to be fought. Set your mind at stepping out in this present time, relentlessly pursue love, joy, peace and above all love. Fear of what may be can immobilize you. Fear of the damage that’s been created in the past will draw you back. And in all this fearing it’s said that perfect love casts out all fear. In this moment choose to be here making new decisions not based on losses or future battles but on what needs to be done right now. Who is standing in front you, at arms distance waiting for your touch. What homes need to be healed in your direct path? See them and fix them. Weep with those who weep and celebrate with those who are winning. Feel this present moment without the draw of past or anxiety of future, hear what needs to be heard.

Enjoy today.

What will your worry add? How will the anxiety of past and future bring any comfort to the now? Even nature is arrayed in a beauty unforgettable, and nature carries no weight of calling like we do. We carry something so grand and magnificent. Please don’t lay who you are at the feet of fear.


The Flower was shot with the Sony A7r and the Canon 50 .95 lens which creates such a unique bokeh.

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  1. Terilyn :: Archetype

    Wow! "Please don't lay who you are at the feet of fear..." Good words!

  2. Gordon.UK

    wBeautifull words of Wisdom- thank you. May I send this to my family and friends?
    Love and happiness to you all.
    May your business thrive. Your straps look beautifully made.