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The value of your work has nothing to do with a pay check
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How often do you think about the value of what you do?

The value of your work has nothing to do with a pay check. If your labor is limited by what you are paid then you will NEVER have enough in this life. The appreciation from man shouldn’t be a measure of whatever you choose to put your hand to. Your value is much higher and your work is far more important than any measure that man has. Never do your work as unto man, see yourself and what you put your hand to as something not limited by the means of this earth. If you succeed in that then the measure you will receive in this life will be overflowing.

Whenever you set out to do a thing, do that thing to the utmost. DSC_1960

This image I captured while on a road trip to the Grand Canyon with my grandfather. We were up early on the road and far off in the distance I saw the horses, which you can see their very tiny silhouettes.

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