Image for Purpose – immovable

Heart – determined
Purpose – immovable
Approach your every single day with eyes fixed on the upward call, never leave your gaze on the immediate problems. When you focus on the small issues you risk losing sight of your grand purpose. The bumps in the road, the turns, the hills, they all fight for your attention. And yes, take a look, survey the land and find your path. Then release the immediate problems and realign with your purpose. Fight for the grand stories your life holds, don’t let the small ones steal your vision.
When the road seems to close in, when the distractions get really big, calm your heart. Remember the victories, recall the times that you made it through. Know that as you continue you will see light again. You’ve done this before. You’ve seen these views and you remember how you won. Steady your feet. Brace for the fight ahead. Start moving. Step forward. Be determined to find your calling. Be immovable in your quest. This is your life so tell your story. “But you, be strong and do not lose courage, for there is reward for your work.” Heart – determined
Purpose – immovable

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