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I wanted to touch on something today that is vitally important to growing your photography business:
Your website.
One thing that has changed my business dramatically was when I put some serious effort and thought into my website. I’ve been with the team from FloAgency on for years now and couldn’t be happier. It has everything I could have ever wanted in a website theme.
And while FloAgency offers fully custom websites and branding services, they have a sister company called Flothemes. The same brilliantly creative team, crafts website themes specifically with photographers in mind, so you know that everything they do is intentional. 
Beautiful and elegantly designed layouts focus on showcasing your portfolio, make it easy for visitors to navigate your site, get a feel on your personality, book a session with you, or connect via other social media channels.
At the beginning of this year, they’ve released a new framework, with a new improved backend experience. The fully customizable page layouts and drag and drop page builder make building out your site an absolute breeze. And you can even do it offline, in test mode. (Which is great and allows you to freely experiment with ideas!) 
You can easily personalize your site to fit your brand and style, all while keeping the look professional, user friendly for your customers and unique. It’s as if you’re getting that Custom website feel with an out of the box template (Flothemes can also help you with the setup of your site, or tweak the theme design if you want some extra customization).
Another reason I’m a huge fan of Flothemes is they’re always adding plugins to their themes, continuously extending its capabilities and making things better. Take for example their pricelist builder plugin  FloHub, which allows you to build interactive, responsive pricing pages, showcasing your packages, your extras, some examples from your portfolio or additional products that you sell (albums, prints, etc). The plugin includes an inquiry form, analytics and password protection. It’s really something!
By the way, the Flo team offers super fast and helpful customer support, so if I ever have questions about my site or need help making changes they take care of me right away. Knowing that they have my back, allows me to focus on work, rather than dealing with technical questions.
If you know your website is lacking, needs upgrades or maybe you don’t even have a site at all, definitely check out Flothemes. They’ve been working with photographers from all around the world for over 10 years now, and definitely understand what it takes to build a website that emphasizes your portfolio and tells your stories.
With their pre-made layouts, easy to use site builder, and all the handy add-ons, Flothemes will definitely help take your photography business to the next level. And did I mention they’re on WordPress? (if you care about SEO, this is they way to go)
As a trusted partner with Flothemes I wanted to offer you a 20% off discount to any of you photographers out there interested in switching over to Flothemes for their website. Just use the code HOLDFAST20
Click HERE to get started with FloThemes
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