J Dhillon

J Dhillon

London, England
I'm an asian wedding photographer based in London. I define my style as a mix between storytelling and fashion inspired portraiture. I emphasis efforts on covering asian weddings in its true element capturing the ups and downs at the same time making sure my clients looks there best in the portrait sessions.

I started using Money Maker straps as soon as they were released as I had been in the market for stylish straps that were functional. I shoot with two heavy Canon 1DX bodies and the MoneyMakers handle the weight and balance the distribution with different lenses perfectly.

As I mainly shoot asian weddings these tend to last up to 12-16 hours, I find the MoneyMakers are the most comfortable and functional camera accessory out in the market.

I cannot recommend the MoneyMaker straps enough, if you want comfort whilst shooting these are the ones to buy and not forgetting they make you look ultra stylish at a wedding.

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